Example - CT bone (humerus)

Acknowledgement - Image contributed by: Chair and Department of Orthopedics and Traumatology of the Locomotor System, Center of Excellence "TeleOrto" (W. Glinkowski MD, PhD and Artur Wojciechowski MD, PhD).

Original CT image
+ Region Of Interest (ROI)

ROI centred on the tip-end of a humerus fracture

9x ROI
before enhancement

No fracture defect visually detected

9x ROI
after enhancement
with edge-dots removed

Fracture defect clearly shown

9x ROI
after enhancement
with annotation for measurement

Measured gap = 1.40 ± .02mm

Note - By the correction of CT Penumbral-Spread Effect and the elimination of Pixelization Effect, the invisible fracture was enhanced to become clearly visible for diagnosis and accurate measurements.

Before and after enhancement, side-by-side:

'before' 'after'

Click this image for an animated view of 63 images before & after enhancement (12MB):