Example - CT Angiogram

ROI centred on an aneurysm of the anterior communication artery. Scan slice of IMG00199 of 2008 data was analyzed.

Original image
+ Region Of Interest (ROI)

7x ROI
before enhancement

7x ROI
after enhancement

7x ROI
after enhancement
with annotations for measurements

(a) Area, A = 59.33±1.28mm² ==>
(b) Average Width, d = 2*sqrt(A/π) = 8.69±0.01mm, and,
(c) Due to the branching off of artery into the X-direction, only width in the Y-axis was used for study. d (Y-axis) = 7.58±0.01mm.

30 corresponding slices were analyzed for both the 2008 and 2009 data respectively. The plot shows the various Average Width and the Y-Axis Width of 2008 and 2009 data versus their respective Slice-Positions (slice-thickness = 0.5mm). With the exception of one point within the graph profile of the Average Width of 2008 data, the smoothness of the graph-plots in general did indicate the good accuracies in measurements. (also refer to Publication #26).

Before and after enhancement, side-by-side:

'before' 'after'