This cutting-edge technique permits accurate image edge-detection and enhancement, with many medical and industrial applications.

Medical Applications identified include:

  1. Detection of 'hairline' fracture in diagnosis and in treatment for quantitative assessment of fracture healing progress. (Publication #'s 13, 14, 16, and 17);

  2. Detection of early lung tuberculosis (TB);

  3. Early detections of Kidney stone or Gallstone for microsurgery;

  4. Coronary artery calcium scoring in Cardiac CT or EBCT;

  5. Accurate measurements in CT or MR angiography on Aneurysm;

  6. 3D-display (e.g. (i) successive planar and/or steric) of a Volume-ROI (Region of Interest) of effects;

  7. Oncological response monitoring. (Publication #3);

  8. Tracking of microsurgery probe to operate on effects such as tumour or aneurysm etc.;

  9. Artificial hip joint (custom made) replacement. (Publication #12);

  10. Assessments of vessel with stenosis and Stent coil (custom made) insertion;

  11. 3D-radiotherapy treatment planning (300% improvement in dose efficiency);

  12. Image quality in NM/PET (Nuclear Medicine/Positron Emission Tomography). (Example: NM Heart);

  13. Other medical applications.

In summary - Potential applications are in radiological diagnosis, oncological response monitoring, orthodontic radiology, angiography, orthopaedics, interventional radiology, and radiotherapy treatment planning.

Industrial (Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)) Applications identified include:

  1. Archaeological Artifacts - CT and X-ray imaging of Mummys or any other artifacts may be analyzed;

  2. Quality and Manufacturing Controls in micro-chip/PCB industry;

  3. NDT of industrial components - for examples, accurate measurements of dimensions of high temperature moulded components via Precision Engineering such as jet turbine blades;

  4. Enhance and monitor corrosion, imperfections, or defects in components such as gas/oil pipes, helicopter blades, or other carbon composites, underwater pipes, or nuclear fuel rods in a remote area via either X-ray, or Gamma Radiography;

  5. Enhanced edge-profiles of micro-filaments of Carbon composites via Micro-CT scans for the 3D finite element mesh for mechanical studies.

In summary, applications are for the accurate quantitative assessments of enhanced minute effects in industrial components, either introduced by the imperfect manufacturing process, or caused by the mechanical stress and strain.